Kenya is a primarily a service based economy and Sunbird expect it to become the hub and gateway for market entry into East Africa. Significant investment in local infrastructure has helped to secure Kenya’s position as the largest economy in East Africa.

Kenya has a population of 46m and it is expected to grow to 57.5m by 2020. Furthermore, the rate of population growth is 2.5% per annum with an average urbanisation rate of 4.3% per annum. In Nairobi, the population is expected to grow by 77% from 3.5m (2010) to 6.25m (2025 forecast), the second fastest in Africa. Sunbird consider a shortage of residential real estate and an increase in demand from a growing young urban and increasingly middle class population is expected to accelerate the growth of construction.

Sunbird have an established presence in Kenya with Nairobi serving as our regional headquarters. We also deliver a variety of construction, property and support services to clients and are capable of providing support to a range of commercial enterprises seeking to enter and expand their business operations in the country. Our existing operations include premium serviced offices delivered through our local operating company, ESBC, which has a reputation for quality and service, and has additional sites in Dar es Salaam and Kampala. Furthermore, the Company also has existing construction projects in Nairobi and Mombasa building residential communities and data centre sites for regional developers, all delivered through our local construction company, Sunbird Construction Services. All our operations include provisions for long term support services such as facilities management, workplace solutions and sustainability solutions to promote environmental responsibility, all delivered through Sunbird Support Services. 

ESBC Kenya

ESBC Eden Square - Located at the Eden Square Complex on Chimoro Road in one of the largest business districts in Nairobi, ESBC Eden Square is in close proximity to shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, fitness centres and other amenities with easy access to the main road and bus stop. Eden Square offer modern, functional offices with professional services delivered in a warm and cheerful environment. While Eden Square provides offices configured to sit 1-3 people, ESBC also has the capacity to offer corporates their own open place spacecomplete with a separate entrance, access control and own branding. 

ESBC Landmark Plaza - Situated opposite the Nairobi Hospital in the UpperHill area, ESBC offers elegant offices that are easily accessible from any part of town. The breathtaking views of the city from the smartly furnished offices compliment the first class service from the professional staff. The state-of-the-art telepresence allows you to conference across the world reducing your travel costs. ESBC Landmark Plaza believe in offering the most flexible and cost effective solutions to your office requirements. ESBC ensure your office needs are met while you focus on your core business.

ESBC Wilson Business Park - ESBC office suites at Wilson Business Park are perfectly located if you are looking for a base that is easily accessible from the Karen and Langata areas. These flexible workplace solutions with short-term rental options, low deposits, and a number of business services. You can rent from 1 workstation upto 30 or more. Take advantage of the Wilson Airport to conduct business across the country and make it back to your office within the day.

"The undersupply of residential and commercial real estate is indicative of the growth opportunities in Kenya " - Michael Aldridge (CEO)

FDI into Kenya (2010-2015)


Sunbird consider the growth in construction and real estate, along with the undersupply of Grade A offices to be indicative of the growth opportunities in Kenya. With locally registered construction expertise, Sunbird's strategy is to service this growing demand, by providing a variety of integrated services to local, regional and multinational clients.