Dubai is using its strategic location to establish itself as a hub for investment in Africa. It is near to East African nations along the Indian ocean coastline, and is on the migration path between Europe, Asia and Africa. The level of positive sentiment for business activity in East Africa is evident, with an understanding of the transformation of the region from their own experience.

Additionally, the historical legacy of the Arabian peninsula’strading and political influence along the East African coast has created deep ties between the two regions. Today more and more African businesses are seeking to break into European markets - and Dubai provides the ideal base.

With this knowledge in mind, we recognise the potential of Dubai as it strengthens its partnerships with East Africa and have highlighted it as a future destination for us. We have been engaging Middle East activity in East Africa since 2015 and have carried out discussions with a number of large enterprises with East Africa market entry strategies. Our ability to work as an East African partner opens the company up to large pools of capital and partnership opportunities that are ready to be leveraged.