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    Shyam Radia

    Governance Manager

    Shyam joined Sunbird in February 2016 as a Senior Governance Operative.

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    Michael Aldridge

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Michael Aldridge, co-founded Sunbird Group and has over 15 years of experience in establishing and managing start-up businesses.

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    Rupert Dean

    Services & Governance Director

    Rupert Dean joined Sunbird in May 2014 with over 10 years of corporate law experience.

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    Simon Bugg

    Technical Services Manager - Tanzania

    Simon Bugg joined the team in December 2014 to help concept and form Sunbird's Facilities Management service and other outsourcing opportunities in the region.

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    William Sykes

    Co-Founder & Business Development Director

    William Sykes co-founded the Company with Michael Aldridge and brings over 15 years of professional experience in Capital Markets and Oil and Gas.

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    Rupert Howland-Jackson

    Regional Operations Manager

    Rupert brings a wealth of operations-based experience in East Africa to the Sunbird team.

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    John Hoyle

    Managing Director, Sunbird Asset Finance

    John Hoyle established Sunbird Asset Finance in May 2014, paving the way for Sunbird to respond to emerging opportunities in real estate development and finance across East Africa.

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    Joseph Cottingham

    Senior Land Fund Operative.

    Joseph recently joined Sunbird in July 2015.

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    Mike Bains

    Chief Financial Officer

    Mike Bains joined Sunbird in October 2014, bringing over 17 years of experience in multiple senior accounting and finance positions.

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  • Prateek-List.jpg

    Prateek Ghose

    Regional Finance Director.

    Prateek Ghose is Regional Finance Director for Sunbird in Africa.

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    Diane Aloia

    Financial Consultant

    Diane Aloia joined from Capita as a Financial Consultant.

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    Maureen Mulwa

    Divisional Financial Controller, Sunbird Property and Support Services.

    Maureen joined Sunbird in September 2015 as Finance Manager and was appointed as Divisional Financial Controller for Sunbird Support Services in July 2016.

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    Jan Van der Does de Willebois

    Senior Finance & Intelligence Manager

    Jan joined Sunbird Group in June 2015 and has been assisting Sunbird with their fundraising efforts.

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    Audrey Katz

    Senior Financial Analyst

    Audrey joined Sunbird in October 2014 as a Services Operative.

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    Ben Haidari

    Financial Accountant

    Ben Haidari joined the Company from Capita in April 2015.

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