Investing in the Landscape

Sunbird Developments' in-house expertise allows us to work up, deliver and programme manage each of our projects. By using the capability of the Group's integrated platform, we aim to further minimise any inefficiencies in the development lifecycle.

Sunbird Developments takes a risk managed approach to real estate development. We recognise the opportunity that Sub-Saharan Africa represents and are able to apply the expertise of an experienced team to our target markets in order to deliver projects to developed market stnadards across the region.

"A quality value proposition for cost-focused retailers"

Our strategy hinges on 4 key pillars:

East Africa - Upward Trending


$60bn worth of infrastructure spending in 2015.

Middle-Class Growth

Consumer spending is set to rise from $1.4tn in 2015 to $2.1tn in 2025.

Car Ownership

Eight-thousand cars are imported into East Africa every month.


50% of the population are under the age of 20 years old.

Approach - Developed Market Standards

Good People

Experience at every stage of the development lifecycle, supported by strong local partnerships.


Transparency and accountability sit at the heart of our approach to management.

Risk Management

We understand the environments we operate in, and use this to help us to manage risk.

Marginal Gains

We take a mature market approach to the development process in order to benefit in the long term from marginal gains.

Assimilate - Synergies


A successful UK concept applied to East Africa.

Market Research

Extensive analysis of retail and warehouse products across East Africa.


A bespoke value proposition for existing tenants in East Africa.


Simple construction that sits well within Sunbird's in-house capacity.

Hypothesis - Delivering on Intelligence

Out of Town

Capitalising on urbanisation and the migration of businesses and people to out-of-town locations.

Good Value - Fast Delivery

By using modern construction technologies, we cut down on build costs and time.

Retail warehousing

We cut the most expensive phase of development - finishing.

Fill the Gap

A unique proposition that will provide tenants with first class retail space at a discount to traditional retail rental rates.

East Africa Retail - Fragmented & Outdated

The retail market in East Africa is still young. It is primarily occupied by operators at the very top and the very bottom of the market. The result is that many tenants occupy prime retail space in unsuitable locations. We believe big box retail is perfectly suited to address the gap in the market.

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Our Experts

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    John Hoyle

    Managing Director, Sunbird Asset Finance

    John Hoyle established Sunbird Asset Finance in May 2014, paving the way for Sunbird to respond to emerging opportunities in real estate development and finance across East Africa.

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