Passion for Service Delivery

At Sunbird, our values of quality, delivery, responsibility and commitment underpin everything that we do. 

Our construction and support services promise distinction in our design and build with excellence in all aspects of service delivery. Our core values and practices are guided by our world class governance and transparency that ensures that we get the job done. Our non-hierarchical business structure supports totally integrated solutions that share our clients drive for long term growth.  

At Sunbird, we believe in cementing our legacy as a company that is committed to growth and development in East Africa. We empower our local operating companies and staff to come up with the best solutions that support local initiatives that provide job creation and increased living standards. 


When we say Sunbird stands for quality, we don’t just mean quality of build, or attention to detail in the landscaping of an office-park. We mean it in a broader sense - in terms of the standard of service we deliver, of the calibre of people we employ, and of the business intelligence we provide.


Our promise to deliver shows in the way the Sunbird Group is structured. Its circular architecture allows for complete integration of information and resources. Enabling a partnership-driven culture – where clients are treated as partners too. We’ve built the company this way because it creates strength, promotes visibility and encourages the delivery of smarter solutions.


We take responsibility very much to heart – CSR is built into everything we do. Whether they’re in a boardroom or on a building site, in London, East African, South Africa or the US, all Sunbird Group colleagues are empowered to be decision makers. We respect their knowledge. In return, they feel ownership for the success of our clients. This translates into more creative thinking and better outcomes.


Finally, we stand for commitment in that we’re in East Africa, right now, registered and operational. Building, servicing and growing businesses. We have a genuine understanding of the region’s history and business culture. We can marry both local and international expectations to create insightful, long-term solutions. To make the very most of the business opportunities in the territory, for all our clients.