Accomodation in the Most Remote Regions

When you need to provide a complete residential solution for your workforce in a remote location, we can help. We are experts in the design, construction and day-to-day management of the remote area village (RAV). Designed specifically for personnel working long-term in remote locations, our RAVs provide a fully-functional residential complex, at low cost. We can tailor the RAV to your needs, but typically it will include: accommodation, washing facilities, catering, waste management, fresh water, security and power.

Our specialism is in providing a RAV that meets your needs on a functional level, but focuses heavily on the quality of life and well being of those who will call it home. We use an efficient modular construction method that allows us to fabricate your village in the remotest of locations in the shortest feasible time, within our strict health and safety procedures. The end result is an aesthetically pleasing architecture that looks welcoming - not merely functional.

Our capabilities extend to maintaining your village once it’s up and running. We can provide a complete facilities management service, so all day-to-day aspects of maintaining your village are taken care of. We can deliver a full catering service and oversee all buildings maintenance - both electrical and mechanical - as well as making sure you always have hot water and waste is effectively removed. We’re committed to seeing that your workforce is well looked after - fostering a community spirit and helping them remain positive and productive in the long term.

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    Sunbird Construction Services

    Sunbird Construction Services is our design and construction company that specialises in urban and remote builds across Eastern and Southern Africa.

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