Ensuring the efficiency of your project

We can manage the full development lifecycle of your East African real estate enterprise. From project inception and feasibility, through to construction and full operation, right up to the sale of your property, we‘ll help your project run smoothly and in line with your business objectives - so maximising your investment.

Our on-the-ground expertise in the region’s real estate means that we can offer the best advice and secure the most appropriate land for your development. By tapping into our local business intelligence, we can coordinate feasibility studies. We can also source the finance for your project – making sure that funding is available for all stages through to completion.

Throughout the construction phase, we’ll engage and manage all professional providers - architects, civil engineers and contractors. We’ll manage and track progress of everyone involved, making sure the development’s completed on time and within budget.

Once it is, we can procure operator agreements for the completed site. Depending on your business objectives, we can oversee the real estate management for the sale or lease of your property. We can manage end-user operations such as facilities management and support services - helping to maintain and protect your asset.

Our end-to-end view of your real estate investment will be pivotal to ensuring its success. Because we understand what you’re trying to achieve, we can ensure that your project is developed in a way that supports your business goals – giving your venture every chance of lasting success here in East Africa.

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    Sunbird Construction Services

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    Sunbird Developments

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    Sunbird Asset Finance

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