Enabling Rapid Construction in East Africa

The term ‘flat packs’ relates to the pre-engineered, kit-type construction commonly used in remote areas of East Africa. The flat pack system fits together easily - creating secure, semi-permanent structures. An extremely cost-effective solution, flat pack fabrication technology is particularly useful when a semi-permanent building is needed quickly.

We’re experts in the design and construction of buildings based on the flat pack system and, along with our manufacturing partners, can provide bespoke solutions. We understand the challenges in building in remote areas and our flat pack technology is ideal for locations where speed of construction is critical. The relatively simple construction means the local workforce can be employed to for construction – thus enabling fast delivery.

As we use a modular construction, we can adapt the building to your market requirements. Flat pack buildings can be used for a variety of purposes - from warehouses to residential buildings in a camp formation. Aesthetics and interior design are also considered so that - although designed to be built quickly, and at low cost - they’re entirely appropriate for residential dwellings and office space.

Flat pack technology is ideal if your business is still considering the feasibility of long-term operations in East Africa or you need an immediate workplace solution. The buildings offer a low cost alternative to a more traditional, permanent construction. So your business to get up and running in East Africa with relatively small financial outlay.

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    Sunbird Construction Services is our design and construction company that specialises in urban and remote builds across Eastern and Southern Africa.

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