We Know Business in East Africa

The opportunity for investment in East Africa is at a peak right now. The key to making the most of this unique time in history is having the right information to make informed decisions. Through our intimate knowledge and understanding of the complexities of East Africa, we can provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date business intelligence - helping you make the best strategic decisions on investments and partnerships.

We can provide information that will help navigate you through complex issues - both political and economic. If you’re establishing your organisation in unfamiliar territory, the information we have will help safeguard your assets and your reputation. We can provide a comprehensive feasibility study of your proposed activities - analysing risks and potential returns at every stage of the project.

We can offer objective advice when recruiting senior executives or entering into partnership agreements with third parties. We can provide extensive due diligence prior to acquisition activities, helping to mitigate risk. Our in-depth understanding of the local area means we can give advice on corporate social responsibility, helping your company integrate with the local population and maintain your reputation as a positive influence in the area. In addition, if you have employees working in remote locations, we can help to safeguard them by giving daily reports from within the area.

From the outside looking in, East Africa can seem like a difficult territory to navigate. With our business intelligence to underpin your strategic decision making, you can be sure that your business is operating and benefiting from the hugely positive side of the region. And that you’re positioned to make the most of the opportunity.

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    Sunbird Asset Finance (SAF) provides essential capital for a wide range of property development projects based in East Africa.

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