Providing opportunities for collaboration

As new opportunities continue to develop across East Africa, Sunbird has been able to identify key areas and markets that provide the perfect opportunity for collaboration with other partners. By establishing key strategic partnerships, our partners can utilise Sunbird’s knowledge of the region and ensure successful introduction of services to the market.

Sunbird has built partnerships with the world’s leading international businesses and enterprises across the African region. We provide a platform for senior business leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs to gain insight into Africa and be exposed to the continent's increasing opportunities.

We are committed to East Africa and being a part of it’s evolution as a major hub for business. We know it in depth and in detail - from the physical landscape to the local business customs. Therefore we are perfectly positioned to work hand in hand with other delivery partners to ensure success across our business lines.

We combine our understanding of the sector and business landscape in East Africa to allow us to evolve through knowledge-based growth and we know that partnering with us would provide a unique opportunity to capture the East African market.