Optimising the Built Landscape

Sunbird Support Services specialises in Facilities Management, Sustainable Environments and Workspace Solutions. We use the most up-to-date technology in order to optimise our clients' experiences and minimise the responsibility of non-core functions.

We optimise the built landscape by delivering a full spectrum of integrated support services. We make a measurable difference by understanding and enhancing assets across the complete life cycle, from physical infrastructure to workplaces and people. We're accountable at every stage and use informed reporting processes to help businesses run smarter. And we provide the latest advice on sustainable environments, from legislative change to day-to-day implementation.

Business Units:

Sunbird Support Services is made up of three business units: Facilities Management; Sustainable Environments; and Workplace Solutions. Each business unit is uniquely positioned to enable and integrate with each other, to offer a full complement of support services that fully optimises the built landscape for our clients, their assets and their people. 

Facilities Management (FM)

Our approach to asset management helps you protect the structural integrity of your buildings over their lifetimes and maintain their value. Whether you're part of a Multinational organisation or an SME, Sunbird Facilities Management can work in partnership with you by aligning our integrated hard and soft services to your business. We'll create a package that provides the best value, made up of efficient and high-quality services that help you reduce costs.

We can support businesses in office-based commercial developments through to those in heavy industry. Even if you are operating in a rural, difficult-to-access environment, our local workforce contacts enable us to provide a high-quality, reliable service across Eastern and Southern Africa.

Our Sunbird Facilities Management business unit has established an international call centre and helpdesk operating 24/7, which will support clients 365 days a year, providing a single point of contact to report problems or service issues. The helpdesk is an integral part of our Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system, which provides our helpdesk operators with full set of data for each client asset. For each call, the helpdesk will provide clients with real-time performance and progress information, through to completion. 

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Sunbird Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Workspace Solutions

We promote a stable workplace experience whether it be streamlining agile working, restructuring office space or enhancing connectivity in a way that stimulates productivity. We believe our clients will benefit from the positive impact that well organised support services can have on their business and the importane of an enhanced service delivery. Services include:

- Agile Working Solutions

- Innovations Management

- Space Planning

- Office Relocation

- Continuity Planning

- Property Contingency Planning

- Project Management

- Design Services

- Compliance Management

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Workspace Solutions

Sustainable Environments

In a climate of ever-increasing environmental, social and ethical awareness, our Sustainable Environments team helps clients make a lasting, positive impact. Our services include:

- Environmental and Health and Safety Services

- Life Cycle Assessments (LCA)

- Green Star Certification (Green Building Council of South Africa)

- Planet Mark Certification (The Planet Mark)

- LEED Certification (United States Green Building Council)

- Sustainability Consultancy

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Sustainable Environments


Key Sectors

Commercial & Retail - With competition amongst retail and office developers increasing, we allow landlords to remain competitive by offering integrated services that help maintain assets, reduce operating costs and increase profits.

Industrial - Whether it will be for a motor parts production plant in South Africa or for Kenya's fast-growing agribusinesses, our Africa-wide network means we're uniquely placed to deliver the best solution for our clients.

Tourism - We are able to support this sector's growth for a range of developments, from large, high-end resorts to remote boutique camps, taking into careful consideration the environmental impact our work will have.

Extractive - Our ability to to deliver to deliver remote solutions enables our clients in the exploration and extraction industry to establish bases that can accommodate remote workforces near to extraction hotspots.

Financial - We are positioned to support the growth of the financial sector, whether that be working with banks, insurance, investment funds or other financial services clients.

Health & Education - From university campuses to healthcare facilities, we are able to deliver the management solution suitable to each scenario.


Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM)

We have invested in a world-leading CAFM system called Infor EAM. Essentially, it's a tool that helps manage the whole facilities management cycle of activities.

We also operate an internationa, African-based call centre with a self-service facility where the client queries can be logged and managed through a preloaded set of client asset information, priorities and KPI's. Our on-the-ground team are connected to the system, even when working remotely, via a Mobile App.

The system helps with managing assets and/or service type of interventions, from a pro-active item to a reactive call to planned preventative maintenance items. There's a major focus on safety throughout the process, with an active work permit system.

SLA Management with both our clients and suppliers/contractors is active throughout the process. Client staff participate in client satisfaction surveys on each client logged.

The data captured enables us to report on all activities, from calls logged, to KPIs, cost and performance. These in turn help you to keep track of the condition of active assets and plan for the future.


FREESPACE is designed with the vision to help office users have their best day at work every day. The solution also provides managers with valuable information.

FREESPACE offers a full solution to three key stakeholders of a business office - the office user; the real estate manager; and the FM manager.

It is based on modern technology that uses the existing IT infrastructure of the office while being extremely easy to install and operate. FREESPACE features a powerful hardware platform with MULTISENSE technology and a data rich secure cloud-based analytics platform. In addition, FREESPACE has published open APIs for third-party integration and piping into Corporate Enterprise solutions and Mobile Apps.


Feedbackr uses SmartTag technology, which enables users of a space our building to give immediate feedback via their mobile device at the point of service.

This could be feedback on cleanliness of an area, meeting room satisfaction or catering requirements (any metric can be set).

We will then be able to track response by geographic spead and time of day, obtain detailed comments about specific experiences, and be alerted on any negative feedback.

All data is recorded on a real-time system and fed through to a live dashboard, allowing for an immediate response. The immediate advantages for clients are as follows:

+ Unique identifiable code that tracks each location seperately

+ View who is giving feedback and from which location

+ Get specific comments about personal experience

+ Get live alerts sent when negative feedback is registered

+ Comments offer genuine insight into customer experience

+ Set up custom alerts to trigger on one or more negative comment

Delivered By:

Our Support Services are provided by our on-the-ground registered company