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Despite abundant natural resources, East Africa lacks the money required to capitalise on its own potential. In short, Africa needs external investment to succeed.

At Sunbird Asset Finance, we provide the capital needed to build the assets that East Africa needs today to grow its economy.

In funding developments across all real estate sectors, we’re demonstrating our own commitment and belief in the long-term prosperity of the region. However, because of our complete value-chain capability, we can offer much more than just the capital for construction. Through our development management, facilities management and support service capabilities, we can ensure the smooth running of any building throughout its operational life. Additionally, Sunbird Group contains two operating construction businesses that can deliver and manage schemes.

Because we can provide capital and development expertise, essential property and infrastructure can be built to support the region’s rapid development. This will unlock the potential of East Africa and allow it to develop the full range of amenities expected of a modern, growing continent.

We see it as our responsibility to make sure the development of this area is for long-term, sustained growth, and that it benefits those who live and work in East Africa. The projects we fund will leave a lasting legacy across the region. While we endeavour to achieve business success, the true achievement of our enterprise will be evident in the world-class operations, living standards and continued growth in years to come.

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    Sunbird Asset Finance

    Sunbird Asset Finance (SAF) provides essential capital for a wide range of property development projects based in East Africa.

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    Sunbird Developments

    Sunbird Developments is our real estate development arm specialising in building mixed-use developments across Eastern and Southern Africa.

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Our Development Finance services are provided by our on-the-ground registered company