Developing the Landscape of Africa

Whether you operate in commercial, industrial or residential markets, we can help your business get off the ground in East Africa. Our construction expertise will support your business, from a project’s conception right through to day-to-day operations.

We facilitate design and construction for the future. Our specialism comes into its own when building bespoke developments; our expertise is in delivering high quality buildings, in challenging environments, whilst maintaining tight production schedules and retaining our excellent health and safety record. We employ locally wherever possible, providing training to increase the skill set of the local workforce. This cooperative approach to construction ensures we adhere to our corporate social responsibility standards and helps us assist in a smooth transition for businesses setting up within East Africa.

Our construction services are tailored to help both multinational organisations and SMEs establish and grow their enterprises in East Africa. We’ve helped companies build a range of successful construction projects, enabling them to realise the potential of East Africa. We also offer additional services - like sourcing the land for your development and providing comprehensive facilities management support.

Our sectors include:

Residential Development

Our residential expertise ranges from high-end luxury apartments and townhouses, to affordable mass housing complexes. In all cases, quality of life and aesthetics are considered carefully at the design stage.

In the case of affordable mass housing complexes, we achieve high quality, yet low-cost units thanks to our innovative design, experience in materials selection and the development of a highly efficient build process. The result is a housing system that is quick and simple to construct with semi or unskilled labour. This means that we can use local labour where necessary, eliminating the need to accommodate skilled employees and helping to speed up the build process. Our housing system can be adapted for social and public amenities.

Commercial & Industrial Development

East Africa is at a pivotal stage in its development, with many overseas companies seeking to establish their commercial businesses within the region. Our modern building technology is ideal where traditional construction techniques are not possible or financially viable.

Applications for our innovative build technology include: Office blocks; Retail stores; Showrooms; Warehousing and logistics centres to name a few.

Oil & Gas

Onshore and offshore reserves of hydrocarbons in East Africa are among the largest in the world and are in an ideal location to supply Asian markets. We work with oil and gas companies from exploration right through to production; constructing premises to house their back office operations and accommodate a large workforce.

We also support service providers and provide facilities management support to ancillary services to the main processing facilities.


The discovery of large quantities of metals and minerals within East Africa has been a catalyst for the development and overseas interest of countries such as Mozambique and Tanzania. Our capability to deliver remote area developments quickly enables our clients in the mining industry to establish a base to accommodate remote workforces near to extraction facilities. We focus on cost-effective modular design for large-scale camps with emphasis on quality of life for those who live and work in these remote locations.


East Africa has a thriving and dominant tourism sector, built on its rich array of game reserves and safaris, islands and beach destinations. We are able to support growth in the tourism sector through the delivery of luxury hotels, villas and camps. We can also provide staff accommodation, other support buildings and remote area infrastructure.

Government & Education

All the governments of East Africa have ambitions to build and improve infrastructure.

For example, Kenya’s government has published its wide-ranging Vision 2030. From university campuses to support structures for power generation sites, we are able to deliver buildings quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, East Africa has one of the world’s greatest concentration of diplomatic and NGO missions, as well as the UN’s second largest facility globally. We are positioned to provide construction and facilities management services to these sectors.

If you need to build in East Africa, we can make it happen. We know the landscape.

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