New Energy in East Africa

Huge onshore and offshore discoveries of hydrocarbons in Eastern and Southern Africa have given the region the potential to be a major participant in the global energy supply. These reserves are amongst the largest in the world - and strategically located to supply the energy-hungry Asian economies.

International investors are lining up to develop these resources - which have the potential to transform whole economies and improve the living standards of local communities.

In recent years, there’s been significant investment in major infrastructural projects such as roads, ports, bridges, railways, and power plants - further enabling the growth of supporting industries.

"East Africa is emerging as one of the most significant players in the global oil and gas industry" - Control Risks.

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Oil & Gas in East Africa

Proven Reserves8%
Global Discoveries40%

Over the last five years, East Africa has emerged as a global exploration hotspot, led by Mozambique and Tanzania with over 200 trillion ft3 of proven gas reserves.

Even though Africa only holds 8% of all proven oil and gas reserves around the world, it has contributed to over 40% of all giant discoveries in the last decade.

Data provided by LNG Industry.

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